About Arts in HRM

Arts in HRM is an organizational consulting, training and coaching business located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The concept behind the business and its differentiating factor is that we humans can effectively enhance our skills and develop our skills by actively participating in groups and having coaching sessions with people who have walked the path before us. During working hours, we worry too much about getting things right and lose scope of how we can worry less and start thinking about how we can do the right things for us and utilize our talents as to make our lives meaningful and our passings here on Earth worthwhile.

The Arts are utilized in order to come into contact with our inherent creative skills and abilities and to make a medium that can be used to express and understand our own process and our Self.

The mission statement of Arts in HRM is:

To offer high quality and high standards coaching, training and organizational consulting services to individuals and organizations as to effect their skillset, enhance their self-reflection, better their performance at work, achieve their goals and help them change their lives for their best.

Already visible in the mission statement is the fact that as professionals we will not try to impose solutions (i.e. “our best”) to you, but will work with you to help you find your own idea of what is best for you and help you achieve just that. Having someone guide you and walk with you through this process is both essential and a blessing.

Use the Contact Page to contact us and you can meet the people of Arts in HRM and our external partners through the present website.