About Naoum Liotas

Naoum Liotas PhotoNaoum Liotas (Dipl. Electr. Eng. & Comp. Eng., MBA, Cert. Organizational Gestalt, Musician and ICF Member Coach) is the person behind the idea of the arts in Human Resource Management. Naoum came up with the idea of founding Arts in HRM, based on his idea that arts could play a significant role in Human Resource Management and Development in order to empower individuals, leaders, teams and companies to enhance their performance and to develop their skills (e.g. communication, collaboration, team-work, creativity etc.). His work experience includes European Project Management, coordinating projects and writing bids as well as research projects in Human Resource Management, e-Learning and e-Participation.

With a strong background in Gestalt psychology, adult education, training, personal development, art therapy and dramatherapy, Naoum is currently working with both Greek and international groups, teams and individuals as an adult educator, a coach, a therapist and a trainer’s trainer. Located in Thessaloniki, he provides business and executive coaching, training and organizational consulting services and works around the world to better performance, help people face their fears and blocks and help people experiment with new ways of doing and being.

His practice is characterized by integrity, authenticity and strong ethical standards and when working with him you can rest assured that these values will be part of your own experience of working with him. His methods are both verbal and non-verbal, drawing from experiential methods so as to instigate change and produce long-lasting results for individuals and teams.