Testimonials from clients of training services

“Working with Naoum felt like going on a trip. You don’t realize the first day you are actually on board, because he is so supportive, non-intrusive and attuned that everything just grows naturally, at its own pace. As days went by, I started to notice things were happening to me. Good things. By the time the week ended, I was able to put an end to some of my unfinished business as well… And the most amazing thing was that Naoum remained there, discreetly, yet powerfully present, gradually turning a group of strangers into a family.”

Livia-Oana Aninosanu,
Programs Director, CPE – Center for Partnership and Equality (Romania)

“…his very calm presence, the very democratic way of approaching the learning process, openness in thinking, created, almost from the outset, the conditions for a deep interaction with other team members to develop personal reflection and empathy, inner transformation. In a nutshell, I would say that this seminar, with Naoum as facilitator, was for me a good dose of introspection, optimism and above all gave me strength for self-improvement.”

Mary Margaroni,
Chief Researcher, Institute of Research and Training on European Affairs (Belgium)

“These were unique opportunities – participating in three seminars organized by Naoum. Although these were different, all three had a common denominator: they were exceptionally well-organized and managed by Naoum, despite the heterogeneous audience both professionally and multiculturally. What remains as a sweet memory in my collaboration with Naoum is the serenity during the sessions and the extremely friendly and collegial atmosphere created so that all participants can come together and work together in the best possible way. He is an excellent facilitator with exceptional knowledge and an incredible capacity to transfer knowledge and skills! I hope to work together again with him in the future!”

Irini Kokkolaki,
Founder, O-olive – Irini & Paraskevi Kokkolaki (Greece)

“I attended a workshop facilitated by Naoum. The experiential process helped me deal with conflict and contempt in the classroom. Throughout the course I genuinely believe that I became more self-reliant and self-confident in dealing with conflict and crises. Moreover the course also enabled me to develop self-reflection, communication and creativity skills. I also believe that it facilitated me to utilize these skills in an educational context. Lastly the experience heightened my awareness and helped me instigate desired change in an educational context. It was a memorable experience which has changed me both personally and professionally. Naoum was an excellent coach and I felt very comfortable and at ease throughout the process. I greatly recommend Naoum because I genuinely feel that he has facilitated me to become self-reflexive.”

Stephanie Cassar,
Counsellor, Maria Regina College (Malta)

“Naoum provides superb quality of service – what he does is both art and engineering: relationships management within a working environments needs both and Naoum is exceptionally good in combining both of them to offer higher than expected results.
If you think you run your team and your business needs no improvement, do hire him!
If you think you run *perfectly* your team and your business needs no improvement, do *urgently* hire him!”

Adamantios Koumpis,
Director, Altec (Greece)

Training moment

Testimonials from clients of coaching services

“During our sessions with Naoum, I felt very comfortable and he made me feel very relaxed. He helped me explore myself and aspects of me that I could not even imagine in the past! All in all, he made think as a better professional in my job and a better person as an individual.”

Amyntas Repanas,
Deputy Manager, Metro Store (Greece)

…I made contact with Naoum and we started our sessions by focusing on my low self-confidence and self-esteem. I had already started going to job interviews so I practiced everything we worked together. I consider Naoum to be an intuitive and perceptive individual. He has the necessary tools and capacities to focus on the issue at hand, to reach at its source and to take the information that is needed. In short, he knows how to ask the right questions. The questions that are necessary for me to reach to the “solution of the problem” taking into consideration a multitude of factors, like my emotions, my thoughts and my body… I still have a lot to learn from Naoum.

Eleni Thalassinou
IT Advisor Graduate Trainee, KPMG (UK)

Business coaching moment

Testimonials from clients of other services

“Naoum is an outstanding project manager who combines a rigorous attention to detail with a strong sense of team work. He has the rare ability to create a team atmosphere of collegiality and trust whilst at the same time ensuring that a project is delivered on time and to budget. Leading by example, Naoum is always available to mentor and support colleagues and can always be counted on to inspire project teams to do their very best.”

Julia Glidden,
President and Founder, 21c Consultancy Ltd. (UK)