Stress Management Seminar

Experiential Seminar on Stress Management

Stress ManagementIn this experiential seminar consisting of 5 meetings, we will learn new techniques for stress management and achieve greater self-knowledge in how we handle anxiety and stress at work. The increased speed and busy-ness of our day-to-day work life often lead us to experience a great deal of stress without and time for venting and relaxing. Also, the outcome of stress building up can drive a person to burn out and overwork. Consequently, this is why there is a great need for knowledge, skills and techniques on stress management. Therefore in these 5 meetings we will learn the basics of anxiety and stress and we will work with the real-life issues that participants bring and create a plan for the participants’ future development as well.

On the Series of Professional Skills Seminars (Oct. 2016 – June 2017)

This is the second seminar of a series of seminars on professional skills. We address the seminars to those working in either private or public organisations, freelancers and entrepreneurs that want to improve their skills in order to strengthen their professional profile and their professional conduct. It is also of interest to those unemployed who want to improve their skillset and their attractiveness to the job market. The instructor will hand out seminar notes and certificates of attendance at the end of the seminar.


We will announce the place that the Stress Management Seminar will take place soon. (It will be a hotel conference room in the centre of Thessaloniki).


Tuesday 22/11/16 19:30-22:00, Tuesday 29/11/16 19:30-22:00, Tuesday 06/12/16 19:30-22:00, Tuesday 13/12/16 19:30-22:00 and Tuesday 20/12/16 19:30-22:00.


190 euros
There is a discount available for those attending all 6 seminars in 2016-17 (October 2016 to June 2017). In addition to this, there are also two places available with a lower price for people who are unemployed or receive minimum wage. Please contact the organiser for these options.
Finally, each seminar is 15 educational hours and LAEK 0,24% programme can fund the seminar .

Special rules

Participants of each seminar are from 5 to 12. In order to hold a place in the seminar, a deposit of 50% of the whole amount of the fee of the seminar is needed (IBAN Account Number: GR92 0172 2190 0052 1901 6455 555 – Piraeus Bank – name of the facilitator/organiser: Naoum Liotas). Please write your name and the title of the seminar in the notes when paying. Deposits are refunded in the case of a seminar cancellation.

More Information

For more information please contact the organiser and facilitator of the seminar:

Naoum Liotas, Organisational Gestalt Consultant, Trainer, Business Coach, Tr. Psychotherapist

tel.: 6973029935, 2310904419