Organizational Consulting

Orientation of Gestalt Organisational Consulting

Gestalt consulting orientation is consultation on the process, with the consultant endeavoring to focus client energy on its functioning and the way the system approaches its problems rather than to make detailed analytical investigations and recommendations of preferred solutions. One would argue that the system and the problem already know and have the solution – the problem is that it is buried under tons of mechanical and somewhat careless functioning. A deeper look into the process is offered by the Gestalt consultant.


An intervention implies that the consultant enters an already existing and ongoing system with the intention of helping it in some way. According to Gestalt Organisational Consulting, two are the major objectives:

  1. To teach the client-system the way that contact is happening or is avoided (i.e. where there are possibly blockages or interruptions in the Gestalt Cycle of Experience)
  2. During the process of helping the client-system to improve its performance, the consultant provides the presence that is otherwise lacking.

Gestalt organizational consulting focuses on the relationship between consultant and client as the means through which movement toward improved organizational functioning will occur. The consultant presents and uses a model for approaching problems in an organisation and through interest of this attractiveness of being, helps the client system to mobilize its energy towards facing and dealing with problems and relevant processes.

Gestalt Practice

The objective of Gestalt practice is to become more fully aware of the process of living within a unified field of body, mind, relationship and spirit. Gestalt practitioners teach mindfulness skills, using a variety of methods. All Gestalt Practice techniques emphasize experience over analysis.

Gestalt work may involve the reporting of present awareness, and the integration of awareness through intrapsychic dialogue between aspects of personality. This kind of work is often practiced as a shared experiment with two partners working together as a “dyad”. Phenomenological techniques like these are based upon the belief that subjective experience is worthy of direct attention, without the interference of preexisting ideas and interpretations.

Body awareness may be the focus of Gestalt exercises. Awareness of breathing is emphasized because it promotes immediate experience of the body. Αn initiator’s awareness may be directed to areas of tension or holding. A perceptual scan of body feelings and sensations can enhance awareness. And movement exercises may be used to integrate awareness of the body.

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